Saddle stools

Saddle stools

With our ergonomic saddle stools we support you to work in a healthy and active way. Active sitting makes you more productive, more creative and keeps you healthy and fit. So you have enough energy left at the end of each working day. Read more...

Saddle stools

The saddle stool is an ideal work chair that provides great freedom of movement.

The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures a correct sitting position, while your feet are firmly on the floor.

This chair is perfect for users who often switch between standing and sitting and need a lot of freedom of movement such as hairdressers, doctors, teachers, ... But also for home workers a saddle stool has many advantages!

What are the benefits of a saddle stool?

  • Encourages an upright posture of the back.
    A saddle stool is characterized by a specific shape that makes the pelvis tilt forward. Thanks to this open angle, this puts your spine in a neutral position, the S-shape, and the pressure on your body is better distributed. This position prevents strain, giving you more energy all day long!

  • A saddle stool is good for blood circulation.
    The open angle of the legs stimulates blood circulation.

  • You are more mobile.
    The saddle stool promotes an active sitting posture. Because there are no armrests on the saddle stool, you are much more mobile. The feet are firmly on the ground, making it easy to change sit-stand positions.

Use a saddle stool as a home office worker?

A saddle stool is also an ideal solution for home workers for several reasons:

  • A saddle stool takes up little space, is compact and light
  • Ideal to use as a change from another (desk) chair to sit more actively during the day
  • Less heavy investment compared to an ergonomic office chair
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