RH Mereo 220 Fabric Xtreme

Fabric Xtreme, Armrests/Headrest optional, Lift 4T (Seat height 410-550mm), Footbase+frame (black or silver), Castors (hard floor or carpet)
73_RH Mereo 220 bureaustoel Xtreme
€672,00 excl. VAT
€813,12 incl. VAT

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Fabric Xtreme
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Fabric Xtreme

Fabric Xtreme

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All about the fabric Xtreme

Xtreme is a crêpe fabric made from 100% recycled polyester that features exceptional Euro flammability performance. Extra stretch and structure gives an irregular, shiny finish.

  • Composition: 100% recycled polyester
  • Abrasion resistance: 100 000 Martindale
  • Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1–2 (Cigarette & match), BS 7176 Low & Medium Hazard, BS 5852 Section 4 Crib 5, DIN 4102 B1, UNI 9175 Class 1
  • Light fastness: 6 (ISO 105 - B02:2013)
  • Pilling: 5 (EN ISO 12945-2)
  • Environmental facts:EU Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, 100% free of heavy metals

The 7 standard colors:

In addition to the 7 basic colors, a wide pallet of other colors is available (Usually a longer delivery period of 1-2 weeks).

  • EXR 094 Slip gray
  • EXR 081 Blizzard gray
  • EXR 009 Havana black
  • EXR 079 Panama red
  • EXR 024 Cayman blue
  • EXR 026 Costa blue gray
  • EXR 145 Padang anthracite
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Select colour footbase and frame
More info about the footbase

More info about the footbase

What are the standard colours for a footbase?
The footbase is delivered in black or silver-lacquered aluminium. The lift and other metal parts will have the same colour as the footbase.

Polished aluminium footbase
As an alternative you can also select a polished aluminium footbase. This gives your chair an extra exclusive look and feel. In this case the footbase is not lacquered but polished. This option is more expensive. The other metal parts (lift, frame,...) can be chosen in black or silver-lacquered.
Refine Footbase standardRefine Footbase Polished
Select your casters
What type of castors do I select?

What type of castors do I select?

Casters for hard floor
Casters for hard floor can be used for parquet, tiles, laminat cork and all other hard floors. The innovative polyurethan coating of the wheels protects your floor and allows a smooth rolling. Visually they can be distinguished by the alternating colour of the caster between the core and the sliding surface (grey).

Casters for soft floors
Casters for soft floor can be used for carpet and all other soft floors. They have a solid black surface.

Can I change my casters afterwards?
Yes, they can be removed easily by pulling them from the footbase. Ergonomio keeps stock of both casters for hard floor and soft floor.

wielen harde vloerwielen tapijt
€672,00 excl. VAT
€813,12 incl. VAT
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Options & Accessories

Further info

RH Mereo. A story about human centred design

RH has a mission. To bring ergonomics back into the office. Together with the worldwide renowned design agency Veryday we set out to craft a task chair that would both meet the needs of the individual and the needs of the
workplace. This thorough and rewarding collaboration resulted in the fusion of functional and visual design with dynamic ergonomics. We are proud to introduce RH Mereo, a working tool and a performance tool helping you and
your company to achieve goals and succeed.

Active sitting.

Contemporary workplaces become more and more sedentary. To endure long hours it is essential to be able to move while sitting. RH is passionate about ergonomic dynamics and active sitting. Every RH chair is equipped with high technological engineering ensuring you always sit right and move right. Keeping your breathing even,
stimulating your blood circulation,empowering you with oxygen and energy. We call it 2PP™. In RH Mereo it is refined to its ultimate potential.

Movement is good. It stimulates the muscles, improves concentration and endurance. Especially
during long work hours. Sitting right is essential. In an RH Mereo you never lack movement, on the contrary.
Comfortably sitting still in an upright posture it follows your body’s natural movements, even the
smallest shifts. Always providing activity, complete support and supportive relief.

RH Mereo is crafted to merge with you. Leaning forwards and backwards the small vertical movements
of the seat prevents pressure on the thighs. Stimulating your blood circulation and minimising tensions.
You always stay sitting in a natural upright posture with both feet firmly on the floor. A Tvedt cushion
gives you a small push between the shoulder blades.This encourages you to sit with an open chest,
improving oxygenation of the body. The backrest angle supports the whole back. All it takes is an easy


The Tvedt cushion between the shoulder blades stimulates an open posture, increasing oxygenation of the body

Backrest shape
Tall and narrow. A distinct waist and a curved back with a clear lumbar support. The soft curve supports the whole back in an upright posture, giving arms and shoulders freedom to move.

Seat shape
Waterfall seat reduces pressure on the thighs and minimises knee movement when tilting. Rear edge is raised to orientate the pelvis in the correct position.

Seating mechanism
Frictionless forward and backward motion. Torsion mechanism that adjusts to suit users weight.

User-friendly, intuitive shapes and placement. Easy to individually adjust the chair.

Neckrest (option)
Slim and functional neckrest. Easy to adjust.

Raised base and curved arms to keep feet firmly on the floor.

Future generation
Efficient use of materials, durable, long lifetime, EPD and GREENGUARD certified.


    Backrest large: width 474 mm, height 632 mm
    Weight: 18,9 kg
    Seat: width 425 mm, depth 466 mm (seatslide 100 mm incl. 20 mm in the back)
    Seat height: 388–520 mm
    Base in grey lacquered aluminium (5T) and castors for carpeted floors (Ø65 mm)
    Certified in accordance to: EN 1335, NPR 1813, ANSI/BIFMA, Mobelfakta, EPD ISO 14025 and GREENGUARD