Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Every customer is expected to acknowledge, accept and comply with our general sales and payment terms and conditions, even if purchase conditions are applicable, unless agreed differently in advance and by written means.


Orders are accepted and processed as per our abilities and availibilities. The customer can obtain a written order confirmation on request. Ordered goods cannot be cancelled. Goods are sold and considered as accepted in our offices and warehouses, regardless of place, means or conditions of the delivery.

No order can be cancelled, unless this is done within 8 days after the order confirmation and only with our explicit prior consent. In this case, the customer will owe us a fee valued at 20% of the respective total order amount.

Return Policy

Products that are in stock, can be returned without additional return costs if they are returned undamaged, unused and in their original undamaged package. Refer to the chapter “Instructions for returns” on how to return ordered goods.

Products that are not in stock, can in some cases not be returned. We sell exclusive office seatsl, these are ordered according to the personal taste and preferences of the customer. These products are often only produced when ordered, which makes them to be considered as custom-made. If you are uncertain that your goods are eligible for return, please enquire via email. Generally, if it concerns a stock article or frequently sold article, we accept returns. Caution: returns are not allowed without our prior written permission.

Instructions for Returns

- Submit your detailed and motivated intention for returning goods within 14 days after reception of the goods, counting from the day the goods have been delivered to the agreed delivery address. In your enquiry, please include your (company) name and contact details, the products and quantities you wish to return, the respective invoice number and your bank account number. If you have a non-Belgian bank account, please mention your IBAN bank account number and SWIFT code.
- We will study your request to see if they match our conditions and requirements for returns, and will notify you of our decision. Upon approval of your return request or a part of it, we will give you the return address in Belgium to which the goods must be shipped.
- Ship the goods at your expenses and risk to the return address you have received. All goods must be shipped in an undamaged, unused state and in their original undamaged package.
- When we receive your returned goods, we will scrutinize them to see if they match our conditions for returns.
- If the returned goods comply with the conditions of our return policy, we will refund you.
- If the retunred goods do not comply with the conditions of our return policy, they will remain your property, and you are responsible for arranging a pick-up of the goods within 2 weeks after our notification of disapproval of return. If you wish, we can arrange shipment of the goods at your expense with an external transportation company.

Right of Renunciation

The consumer has the right to communicate a renunciation of a purchase, without payment of any fees or communication of any justification, within 14 business days following the day of delivery of the goods or the day of conclusion of the service agreement.

Any shipping costs are at the expense of the consumer. The right of renunciation does not apply to products specifically customized to the specifications of the consumer. The right of renunciation does not apply to corporate consumers.

Prices, Delivery Terms, Transportation and Property Rights

Prices listed on our website are contractual, unless in the event of over-power. Delivery terms are strictly indicative. Delivery terms for special office seats may be elevated. If ordered goods have not been delivered after more than 2 months since the order was placed, the customer has the right to cancel the respective order by written means. Items longer than 1.75 m cannot be delivered and as a result they must be picked up at our warehouse. Any delivered goods remain property of the seller until full payment of the respective due invoices.


Every complaint needs to be addressed to us within 3 business days after delivery. After this term, the delivered goods will be considered as accepted. In the event of the customer’s refusal to accept the goods, they will be stored at the expense and risk of the customer, until full payment. The seller accepts returns of goods only with prior written consent. Returned goods must be shipped in their original package with all original manuals and accessories in their original state.

Payment Conditions

Our invoices are pre-payable to our account number IBAN BE40 363047008563, BIC BBRUBEBB, or via COD (Cash On Delivery) or by cash/check on delivery or pick-up. Non-payment of an invoice after expiry date implicates immediate demandability of any invoices and cancellation of any orders in progress. Every unpaid invoice from the expiry date onwards activates conventional due interest rates at 10% per annum. Additionally, a conventional fee of 10% of the total invoice amount is demandable by the seller. In the event of disputes, cases will be brough only to courts in the jurisdiction of Mechelen in Belgium.


Warrants may only be as per the manufacterer’s specifications and as per the specifications mentioned in this section. Guarantee for visual lacks or shortages is void from the date of acceptance of the goods in our warehouses. For hidden lacks or shortages, guarantee is sustained only following written complaints sent to us within 8 days after delivery. Guarantee is limited to the replacement by equal or equally-valued goods, and all additional costs such as transportation and insurance will remain at the customer’s expense. Warrant is void if included maintenance instructions and manuals were not followed, in the event of mis-use or in the event of alterations by the customer or third parties without the seller’s prior consent and approval. The seller can never be held responsible or liable for non-written statements. The seller cannot be held responsible for damage to goods or installations as a result of weather conditions and elements such as storms, snow, hail, water insulation, lightning strikes, etc., damages caused by malconnection of the equipment by the customer, damage as a result of wear or poor maintenance, or any indirect costs as a result of the damaged good(s).
All returned goods must be 100% complete, contain all original package, all original manuals and all additional accessories as supplied with the product.

Privacy Policy

Only data that is required in order for the seller to be able to provice the necessary services as requested by the customer, will be kept by the seller. This data will be used solely to inform you about our products and/or services. Customer lists will not resold, rented or leased to any external or third parties.