HAG Futu office chair

HÅG Futu bureaustoe groep fotol
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HAG Futu office chair

HÅG Futu is the first chair to incorporate our "inBalance" technology.

"inBalance" is a floating seat mechanism that ensures that you sit comfortably and in balance regardless of whether you are short and light or tall and heavy. The chair follows your every movement – whether you stretch back or lean forward over your desk. And best of all, you’re in control of the chair, not the other way around.

Ever wondered what the best position to sit in is? It’s always the next one!

An ergonomic chair is one that follows you naturally into your next seating position. It should heed the body’s movements, both small and large, and stay still when the body wants it to, just like HÅG Futu does.


HÅG Futu is designed by HÅG Design Studio. HÅG Futu is an office chair that is simple, elegant and particularly intelligent. In terms of design, it’s a breath of fresh air in the world of seating. Behind the streamlined design hides an advanced interior. The unique inBalance technology at the core of the chair allows you to adjust the tilt resistance with great ease to your individual needs and according to ergonomic principles.
HÅG Futu is both timeless and innovative at the same time and fits in effortlessly in any office environment.


HÅG Futu received the Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence in 2009. The award recognises achievements where design is used to create innovative products and solutions. Among other things, the jury said: “The innovativeness of HÅG Futu lies in everything that has been removed. This isn’t only a seating device but an item of furniture.”


FutuKnitTM - 3D shape-knitted fabric, especially designed for HÅG Futu. FutuKnit’s good elastic properties naturally adapt to the shape of the user's back, weight and movements. It is available in eight attractive colours: black, grey, blue, burgundy, red, green, sand and off-white.


HÅG Futu meets the most stringent environmental requirements, both in terms of production and the selection of materials. It is made using minimal resources and no environmentally harmful materials. Fully 97% of the chair can be recycled and nearly 50% of the chair’s components are made from already recycled materials. HÅG Futu is GREENGUARD certified, ensuring that the chair emits no health-endangering gases. As with all HÅG chairs, HÅG Futu’s environmental profile has been documented in an Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) in accordance with ISO 14025.
HÅG is registered as an environmentally conscious enterprise within the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). We also employ environmental management systems in accordance with NS-ISO 14001. In addition to the Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence, the HÅG Futu has also received the Council’s Sustainability Design Award, the criteria for which include the development of a product or solution offering significant environmental characteristics from a lifecycle perspective.

Basic model

  • Seated height with a 165 mm lift (400-550mm)
  • Height of back piece 600mm
  • Height of foremost support point on back piece and adjustment interval 170-250mm
  • Seat depth 380-460
  • Height of armrests and adjustment interval 195-290mm
  • Seat width 485mm
  • Five star base diameter 720mm
  • Weight 16.8 kg


  • 3D armrests
  • 200mm lift