HÅG Futu office chairs

HÅG Futu office chairs

Today’s working world is more agile than ever. Office landscapes are continuously evolving. Adaptability is key for staying competitive. The HÅG Futu is a high-performance task chair that helps you stay alert and focused. Because of its streamlined dimensions, it also seamlessly blends into any working environment. Its soft-furnished look hides the fact that it´s packed full of precision engineering. Read more...

HÅG Futu office chairs

Fits in anywhere!

The HÅG Futu is a quality office chair that helps you stay alert and focused. Because of its streamlined design, it also fits seamlessly into any working environment, both at home and at the office!

Keeps you in balance

The HÅG in Balance® technology ensures that you keep moving continuously while sitting. Thanks to the tilt mechanism, you naturally change position throughout the day. Because your legs move more, a better blood circulation is stimulated and you have more energy throughout the day!

Sustainable & environmentally conscious

Each HÅG Futu chair is designed with precision and then painstakingly handcrafted and assembled by one of many skilled technicians at the factory in Røros, Norway.

Thanks to its dedicated team of designers, engineers and other colleagues, this ergonomic office chair has won several prestigious awards including the Red Dot Design Award for the best product design and the Green Good Design Award for sustainability.

In addition, the HÅG Futu has a US GREENGUARD certificate, which confirms that the Futu does not affect the indoor air by emitting harmful gases. The Futu also has an Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025), confirming that its CO2 emissions are very low.

Sophisticated fabrics

The HÅG Futu comes in the uniquely designed FutuKnit™ fabrics. Made from the finest quality polyester knit, they are technically engineered to maintain their tightness - and provide you with the ultimate support.

Both the solid and mesh fabric are available in seven attractive colors and can be matched. Each color is inspired by nature and have a 10-year warranty.

What is the difference between the HÅG Futu models?

HÅG Futu 1200 has a solid upholstered backrest and thus provides additional support and pleasant warmth. The adjustable lumbar support is integrated into the backrest. The chair can be extended with armrests for a good working position and relaxed back and neck muscles.

HÅG Futu Mesh 1100 has a breathable transparent backrest. It keeps your back cool through continuous ventilation.  The functional lumbar support is optional, as are the height and width adjustable armrests.

10-year HÅG warranty

HÅG provides a 10-year warranty on material defects and manufacturing defects with standard use. Ergonomio has more than 15 years of experience with HÅG office chairs and guarantees service and spare parts after your purchase.
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