HÅG Creed 

HÅG Creed 

The HÅG Creed builds on the best from two original groundbreakers, the HÅG H04 and HÅG H05, by legendary designer Peter Opsvik. It combines classic design with smart functionality, is user-friendly, and features our unique centre-tilt mechanism - HÅG in Balance®. Read more...

HÅG Creed 

The chair for everyone

The HÅG Creed is a unique office chair with many benefits. This ergonomic office chair is the result of the proven successes of the HÅG Credo and the HÅG H04 and H05. A clean design, superior seating comfort and ultimate user-friendliness are the basis of this chair.

This office chair is equipped with the unique HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism. Thanks to this tilt mechanism, you change position throughout the day without having to think. The chair follows the movements you make from your feet. This keeps you active even in a sitting position and gives you more energy throughout the day!

Easily adjustable

The HÅG Creed is very easy and simple to adjust. All you have to do is use two buttons. One knob adjusts the height of the seat. With the other (turning) knob you can adjust the depth of the seat and the height of the backrest at the same time. Thanks to the great adjustability of this chair, you can also easily adjust it for everyone. Are you tall, small, petite or rather stout? Then with the HÅG Creed, you are sure to find your office chair!

Tilt mechanism

The HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism intuitively follows every change of sitting position. The seat and back move simultaneously with you. The angle in which the seat and back move with you is always the same. In this way, you maintain contact with the backrest, so that you will never again be slumped in your office chair!

The chair follows the movements you make from your feet. Because your legs move more, a better blood circulation is stimulated and you have more energy throughout the day. A real win-win!

What is the difference between the HÅG Creed models?

HÅG Creed 6002 has a low back and is fully upholstered.

HÅG Creed 6003 has a medium back and is partially upholstered.

HÅG Creed 6004 has a medium back and is fully upholstered.

HÅG Creed 6005 has a high back and is partially upholstered.

HÅG Creed 6006 has a high back and is fully upholstered.

Features HÅG Creed

  • HÅG inBalance® (full freedom of movement forwards and backwards)
  • 4-in-1 adjustment: simultaneous adjustment of seat depth, backrest height, swing resistance and tilt point
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Separate backrest adjustment possible
  • Lockable in 3 positions
  • Aluminum foot star (Ø730 mm) with anatomically shaped footrests
  • Standard frame color silver or black
  • Optional: armrests and headrest

10-year HÅG warranty

HÅG provides a 10-year warranty on material defects and manufacturing defects with standard use. Ergonomio has more than 15 years of experience with HÅG office chairs and guarantees service and spare parts after your purchase.
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Brochure & user manuals HÅG Creed

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