HAG Capisco 8126 Office chair Leather Paloma

Leather Paloma, Footbase+frame (black, silver or white), Gaslift (150, 200 or 265mm), Castors (hard floor or carpet), Select your present
€1213,00 excl. VAT
€1467,73 incl. VAT

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Your gift with a value of more than €100 with this purchase

Your gift with a value of more than €100 with this purchase

Your gift with a value of more than €100 with this purchase

You can choose between 2 beautiful gifts:: The stool UPis1 by Interstuhl or the beautiful designer shoulder bag by Bakker Elkhuizen + a super handy Contig drinking cup.

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Leather Paloma
Choose your Paloma Colour
Leather Paloma

Leather Paloma

pallet antigo

All about the leather Paloma

High quality semi-aniline leather. All our standard colours from Paloma have a special finish adding a particular softness to the leather. Excellent friction and breathing properties. The surface may feature small scars and marks resulting from insect bites etc. These are proof of the natural origin of the product and are part of its character.

  • Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1-2 (Cigarette & match), BS 5852 Crib 5, IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1 part 8
  • Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Rubbing: Wet 80/4 - Dry 1000/4 - Sweat 50/4 - ISO11640
  • Finish-adhesion: ≥ 2.5 N/CM - ISO 11644
  • Tear-strength: ≥ 20 N DIN EN ISO 3377-1
  • Environmental facts: 100% free of heavy metals, tanned without using chromium salts. BlueAngel, ECO2L-certificate

The 5 standard colors:

In addition to the 5 basic colors, a wide pallet of other colors is available (Usually a longer delivery period of 1-2 weeks).

  • ATG 55130
  • ATG 55115
  • ATG 55206
  • ATG 55185
  • ATG 56100
Read more about Leather Paloma
Paloma 1paloma 2paloma 3paloma 4paloma 5
HAG Capisco_Lift kiezen_2039
Select your Gaslift

HÅG_Footbase alu black or white
Select colour footbase and frame
More info about the footbase

More info about the footbase

What are the standard colours for a footbase?
The footbase is delivered in black or silver-lacquered aluminium. The lift and other metal parts will have the same colour as the footbase.

Polished aluminium footbase
As an alternative you can also select a polished aluminium footbase. This gives your chair an extra exclusive look and feel. In this case the footbase is not lacquered but polished. This option is more expensive. The other metal parts (lift, frame,...) can be chosen in black or silver-lacquered.
Refine Footbase standardRefine Footbase Polished
Select your casters
What type of castors do I select?

What type of castors do I select?

Casters for hard floor
Casters for hard floor can be used for parquet, tiles, laminat cork and all other hard floors. The innovative polyurethan coating of the wheels protects your floor and allows a smooth rolling. Visually they can be distinguished by the alternating colour of the caster between the core and the sliding surface (grey).

Casters for soft floors
Casters for soft floor can be used for carpet and all other soft floors. They have a solid black surface.

Can I change my casters afterwards?
Yes, they can be removed easily by pulling them from the footbase. Ergonomio keeps stock of both casters for hard floor and soft floor.

wielen tapijtwielen harde vloer
€1213,00 excl. VAT
€1467,73 incl. VAT
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Options & Accessories

Further info

Basic model
• BalancedMovementMechanism™ (full freedom of movement forwards and backwards)
• Adjustable tilt tension backwards (not available for 8105)
• Seat height adjustment
• Seat depth adjustment (not available for 8105)
• Back height adjustment (not available for 8105)
• Lockable seat (not available for 8105)
• Suitable for all working surfaces with table height of 72 cm and higher
• Footbase in aluminium with curved/arched footplates, black or silver, optionally in polished aluminium (see options)
Please specify colour at time of order.
• 200 mm lift (265mm standard for 8105)

Technical specifications

Weight (kg) 12
Dimensions Pack HxWxL (mm) 685x250x760
Warranty 10 year (use 8h/day), 5 year (24h)
Material alu - plastic - fabric
Seat Depth (mm) 370-460
Seat Width (mm) 460
Height of back pads (mm) 440
Tilt range 17° backwards
Foot Base Diameter (mm) 700
Seat Height (150 mm lift) 410-550 mm
Seat Height (200 mm lift) 485-660 mm
Seat Height (265 mm lift) 570-820 mm

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