RH Logic

RH Logic

You deserve an office chair that is right for your body. With RH Logic, you can choose a high or low back and a number of other design features. The result is a comfortable office chair that helps you to perform better throughout the working day. RH Logic is also available as a 24/7 and ESD friendly office chair. Read more...

RH Logic

Made for extreme precision and peak performance

Ten years ago, RH Logic was designed with the user in mind. An office chair with functional design and a wide range of adjustment possibilities. The ideal seating solution if you work for long periods of time This office chair is your tailor-made suit!

Ergonomic and active seating pleasure

The RH Logic office chair is packed with ergonomic features whereby all parts of the chair have been optimised to provide you with the best possible sitting solution to solve almost all sitting problems. RH's seating philosophy is based on active - moving - sitting and providing optimum support in every sitting position. RH Logic always ensures an upright sitting posture, which results in more oxygen intake and better concentration.

What is the difference between the RH Logic models?

RH Logic 200 or “ RH New Logic 200 ”is the new model in the RH Logic range. The RH New Logic 200 has a medium back height and comes standard with an air lumbar pump support. The office chair can be expanded with armrests for a good working position and relaxed back and neck muscles.

RH Logic 220 or “ RH New Logic 220 ” has the same features as the New RH Logic 200, but comes with a higher backrestT. he higher backrest provides a little more comfort and support for the shoulders. Just like the RH New Logic 200, this ergonomic office chair comes with an air lumbar pump support as standard. Moreover, this chair can be fitted with various options such as a headrest, armrests and a coat hanger.

RH Logic 300 has a medium back height. Both seat and back are pre-shaped. This means that they already follow the body a little and offer natural support. That is why this chair immediately feels comfortable. Pictograms on all handles and levers make the chair easy to use, easy to understand. The RH Logic 300 can be expanded with a lumbar pomp and armrests for a good working position and relaxed back and neck muscles.

RH Logic 400 has a high backrest . The advantage of the high backrest is the integrated "Tvedt" cushion. This provides additional support between the shoulder blades. The lumbar pump support is standard on the RH Logic 400. Furthermore, this chair has the same properties as the RH Logic 300.

In short:

These chairs follow the slightest movements in your body and at the same time offer the right support to relieve pressure points.

What setting options does the RH Logic have?

The RH Logic models are equipped with pictograms for the settings. All settings are easy to operate from a seated position.

1. Seat height
2. Seat depth
3. Backrest angle (inseparable from the seat)
4. Backrest height
5. Dynamic tilt
6. Tilt function with weight adjustment
7. Lumbar support (pump) (standard for RH Logic 200/220/400, optional for RH Logic 300)
8. Adjustable armrest - height, width, depth and swivel (optional)
9. Adjustable neckrest - height and depth (optional, only with RH Logic 220 and RH Logic 400)
Pictograms for settings RH Logic 200/220
Pictograms for settings RH Logic 300/400

Brochure & user manuals RH Logic 200 & 220

Download brochure RH New Logic 200 220
Download userguide RH New Logic 200 220
Download factsheet RH New Logic 200 220

Brochure & user manuals RH Logic 300 & 400

Download brochure RH Logic 300 400
Download userguide RH Logic 300 400
Download factsheet RH Logic 300 400