RH Logic 400 Ergonomic office chair Fabric Sirdal&Suldal

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sir refine
Fabric Sirdal&Suldal
Choose your Sirdal&Suldal colour
Fabric Sirdal & Surdal

Fabric Sirdal & Surdal


All about the fabric Sirdal & Surdal

Sirdal and Suldal are part of the 100% Norwegian wool trio Sirdal, Suldal and Setesdal. These fabrics are uniquely short-travelled in every part of the process – 100% pure Norwegian wool manufactured in Norway. Norwegian wool with its distinctive brilliance, resilience and durability is expressed through rich structures that evoke authenticity paired with chic and modern comfort.

  • Composition: 100% New Norwegian wool
  • Abrasion resistance: > 57 000 Martindale
  • Flammability: FTP code: IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1 part 8, EN ISO 12947-2:1999
  • Light fastness: 5-7 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Pilling: 3-4 (EN ISO 12945-2)
  • Environmental facts: Locally produced, 100% free of heavy metals
FAQR Stof Sirdal&Surdal

The 4 standard colors:

  • SRD 190
  • SUL 180
  • SUL 810
  • SRD 730
Read more about Fabric Sirdal & Surdal
Option headrest
With or without headrest
Choose your armrests
Liftsize parent
Select your Gaslift

Select colour footbase and frame
More info about the footbase

More info about the footbase

What are the standard colours for a footbase?
The footbase is delivered in black or silver-lacquered aluminium. The lift and other metal parts will have the same colour as the footbase.

Polished aluminium footbase
As an alternative you can also select a polished aluminium footbase. This gives your chair an extra exclusive look and feel. In this case the footbase is not lacquered but polished. This option is more expensive. The other metal parts (lift, frame,...) can be chosen in black or silver-lacquered.
Refine Footbase standardRefine Footbase Polished
Select your casters
What type of castors do I select?

What type of castors do I select?

Casters for hard floor
Casters for hard floor can be used for parquet, tiles, laminat cork and all other hard floors. The innovative polyurethan coating of the wheels protects your floor and allows a smooth rolling. Visually they can be distinguished by the alternating colour of the caster between the core and the sliding surface (grey).

Casters for soft floors
Casters for soft floor can be used for carpet and all other soft floors. They have a solid black surface.

Can I change my casters afterwards?
Yes, they can be removed easily by pulling them from the footbase. Ergonomio keeps stock of both casters for hard floor and soft floor.

wielen harde vloerwielen tapijt
€1196,00 excl. VAT
€1447,16 incl. VAT
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  • Rapidly and simultaneously support
  • Ergonomically shaped cushions
  • This chair relieves back and neck pain
  • Recommended by physios!
  • Highly efficient and completely adjustable (optional) headrest
  • High backrest with excellent lumbar support
  • Refined design
  • Extra spicy design touch with option 'stitching in contrasting color'
  • Correct price / quality / functionality
  • 10 year warranty (see product details)
  • Helpdesk for possible problems
  • Buy from authorized RH dealer

Options & Accessories

Further info

RH Logic - Made the foremost pricisie and top performances

RH Logic has a long history of being best in class. Ten years ago, RH Logic was developed and fine-tuned into the chair we know it as today. We had, at that time, a dream of creating the very best chair to sit in for an entire day at the office in front of a computer. In a society where we become increasingly sedentary, the lofty goal we set all those years ago has proved quite insightful. We are happy that we set ourselves such high goals back in the day. For more than ten years RH Logic has helped us give our consumers a more active workday, and we look forward to the continuation of this journey.

The design challenge
With RH Logic we wanted to create an office chair that gives everyone a seating experience that feels personalised. It was to be a solution for ambitious individuals with long working hours, as well as a continuation of RH’s famous dynamic ergonomics. A chair that becomes your unique office throne, completely customised for your body, your movement pattern and your workday, but at the same time easy to adjust for multiple users.

RH Logic is full of ergonomic features, where all parts of the chair are optimised for you to sit in the best possible way. It’s about sitting upright while at the same time being in motion to increase oxygen supply to the blood thus improving concentration. The chair always provides an upright posture with backrest support and variation through different sitting positions for different work situations. RH Logic is ergonomic design in the upper class. Designed to enable you to perform throughout the workday.



There are not many chairs that have been at the centre of such an extensive research study.* So what happened when researchers replaced the office chairs of 48 employees in Gothenburg with the RH Logic 400? We are proud of the results, which show that both health and performance improved while sitting on RH Logic while working on a computer. The results also showed that it only takes a short period of time before the RH Logic starts making a positive impact on performance.

  • 70% The chair affected the entire work situation positively.
  • 75% Experienced improved working techniques.

  • 50% Reduced effort in neck and shoulders (already after a few weeks.)
  • 33% Reduced strain in the lower back.


The headrest
Is an optional add-on that we highly recommend. It provides support to the neck and thereby relieves the entire body. The headrest is adjustable both in depth and height.

The backrest
Choose between high or low back. The tapered back shape allows movement for arms and shoulders. The Tvedt-cushion between the shoulder blades stimulates an open and upright posture for better breathing.

The backrest angle
Can be adjusted separately as needed in order for you to always sit comfortably with good support.

The lumbar support
Provides additional support for the lower back. The pump adjusts the amount of air in a lumbar cushion, providing extra support.

The armrests
Two armrest variants are available. Both can be adjusted by height and width, while one can also be adjusted by depth and the other can be rotated 360 degrees.

The seat
Available with a layer of wool that provides better ventilation, making the seat 2-3 degrees cooler compared to conventional seats. The seat´s waterfall edges reduce pressure on the underside of the thighs, enhancing circulation.

Seat, height and depth
Is adjusted by a few simple hand movements. The controls are easily accessible while seated. The correct seat height improves blood circulation in the legs. Correct seat depth provides better relief and better support.

The tilt mechanism
Is smooth in it´s movement, and can be locked in the desired position, allowing the chair to follow your every movement.

Tilt resistance
Adjust the tilt resistance according to body weight and height to get the right balance. This allows your movement to be followed without the need to use any muscle power to push the chair into new positions.

Raised base and curved arms to keep feet firmly on the floor.

Are available in different variants for both hard and soft flooring.


Creating more with less

Today’s consumption of the earth’s resources is increasing in line with population growth. Resources will disappear with time, and we are therefore passionate about minimising the environmental footprint we leave behind. Our approach to sustainability has resulted in the RH Logic receiving the Nordic Ecolabel, meaning you can sit in this chair with a clean conscience. We create more with less.

Cradle to cradle
RH Logic is certified with the Nordic Swan Label, mainly because every part of the chair can be recycled and revived as a new product. Additionally, the chair is manufactured with materials that are free of toxic substances. The minimal amount of material we use to produce the chair and the chair’s long shelf life contributes to less transportation and packaging, making the RH Logic a chair with a healthy environmental conscience.

Functional design

Our philosophy of ergonomics
We have our own philosophy of ergonomics based on the two important principles of upright posture and active sitting. These principles improve breathing and circulation and stimulate the muscles. The philosophy is evident in the RH Logic 400/300 through the unique ”two-point principle” or 2PP™, which ensures that your body receives the variation and support it requires as you move.

Research and development showed that we had to create chairs that help people sit upright as much as possible, and encourage movement. Our chairs also relieve muscles in the neck and shoulders and make it less tiring to sit. Motion provides good working techniques, enhances performance and provides energy.

Blood circulation
RH Logic should be adjusted so that it is customised for your body. In order to generate the most optimal condition for blood circulation, you can adjust the seat depth, tilt and height for maximum support and relief. The waterfall edge of the seat cushion reduces pressure on the underside of the thighs, also helping enhance circulation in the legs.

Sitting upright while moving allows you to breathe better and supplies your blood with sufficient oxygen. Features like the “Tvedts” cushion pushes your shoulder blades backwards, opening the chest for better breathing, ensuring better concentration and performance. When your body feels good, you perform better.