Interstuhl PUREis3 PU213 Stock model Fabric Manhattan MH41

Manhattan colour MH41, Mesh colour 8148 Anthracite, Black, Armrests, Standard, 420-520 mm, Castors (hard floor or carpet)
€690,00 excl. VAT
€834,90 incl. VAT
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fabriccolour MH41
Manhattan colour MH41
In stock
Leather Antigo Soft

Leather Antigo Soft

pallet antigo

All about the leather Antigo soft

High quality semi-aniline leather. All our standard colours from Paloma have a special finish adding a particular softness to the leather. Excellent friction and breathing properties. The surface may feature small scars and marks resulting from insect bites etc. These are proof of the natural origin of the product and are part of its character.

  • Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1-2 (Cigarette & match), BS 5852 Crib 5, IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1 part 8
  • Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Rubbing: Wet 80/4 - Dry 1000/4 - Sweat 50/4 - ISO11640
  • Finish-adhesion: ≥ 2.5 N/CM - ISO 11644
  • Tear-strength: ≥ 20 N DIN EN ISO 3377-1
  • Environmental facts: 100% free of heavy metals, tanned without using chromium salts. BlueAngel, ECO2L-certificate

The 5 standard colors:

  • ATG 55130
  • ATG 55115
  • ATG 55206
  • ATG 55185
  • ATG 56100
Read more about Leather Antigo Soft
BackType 8148
Mesh colour 8148 Anthracite
In stock
plasticcolour Black
In stock
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Standard, 420-520 mm
In stock

castors interstuhl
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What type of castors do I select?

What type of castors do I select?

Casters for hard floor
Casters for hard floor can be used for parquet, tiles, laminat cork and all other hard floors. The innovative polyurethan coating of the wheels protects your floor and allows a smooth rolling. Visually they can be distinguished by the alternating colour of the caster between the core and the sliding surface (grey).

Casters for soft floors
Casters for soft floor can be used for carpet and all other soft floors. They have a solid black surface.

Can I change my casters afterwards?
Yes, they can be removed easily by pulling them from the footbase. Ergonomio keeps stock of both casters for hard floor and soft floor.

wielen tapijtwielen harde vloer
€690,00 excl. VAT
€834,90 incl. VAT
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Further info

Interstuhl PUREis3

Sets all-new standards for active, intuitive and flexible sitting. It is the revolutionary alternative to the traditional office chair. PURE replaces conventional mechanisms with innovative materials. No more adjustments - the intelligent Smart Spring Technology ensures that the PURE adjusts perfectly to every user without any effort on their part. With the PURE sitting is freedom. It not only allows movement in all directions, but also ensures that the sitter is constantly in motion. Forget everything you've ever know about chairs: PURE guarantees a sitting experience like no other - for the working world of tomorrow that is already part of our lives today.


Sitting reinvented

PURE is designed for sitting and made for movement. Unlike any other chair, PURE has been developed entirely with active people in mind. This approach has required a complete reinvention ot the "office chair". PURE adjusts to the user, their body and movements without requiring them to make time-consuming adjustments. Complicated and heavy mechanisms are no longer required. PURE not only allows a wide range of movement but also ensures that the user stays comfortable, active and sufficiently supported at all times.
This is all made possible by an innovation that has never been seen before: Smart Spring technology. The core component – the “Smart Spring”– is made using a special polyamide/glass fibre compound. It enables the PUREIS3 to dynamically adjust to the user’s body, weight and movement. The Smart Spring not only defines the visual appearance of the PUREIS3; it also supports the whole chair and allows for impressive movement radii – including in directions that are impossible on other chairs. With no further need for adjustment, this enables true three-dimensional sitting – for anyone, anywhere. In addition, the PUREIS3 also boasts an innovative “Smart Seat”. This combines comfort, posture and complete three-dimensional mobility.

Movement is key

Long periods of static sitting can be hugely detrimental to your health. Research, however, – studies conducted by the Fraunhofer IAO and the University of Tübingen in particular – suggests that just two hours of moderate physical activity per day are enough to offset the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. For many years, Interstuhl has collaborated with the Fraunhofer IAO to turn scientific findings into practical solutions. The purpose of the PUREIS3 is to enable as much of this required daily exercise as possible to be carried out while seated. PUREIS3 ensures active and dynamic sitting at all times.

Outstanding mobility

The amount of mobility possible with the PUREIS3 was researched in a biomechanical study conducted by the ETH University of Science and Technology in Zurich. The study showed that PUREIS3 offers new levels of material flexibility in the upper backrest of up to 22 degrees to each side, an opening angle of up to 38 degrees in the backrest, and a lateral range of movement of up to 26 degrees on the seat. The Smart Seat can also follow forward movements of up to 12 degrees. These values are impressive, and PUREIS3 has been proven to keep its promise of maximum mobility for optimum health benefits. This makes PUREIS3 the lead product in Interstuhl’s active sitting solutions. But the most convincing way to experience PUREIS3 is by taking a seat yourself and enjoying a sitting experience like no other.

Three factors with health benefits

PUREIS3 effectively promotes the health of the user in three ways
Activation – PUREIS3 ensures that sitting is never static. Frequent posture changes keep muscles active, and legs, hips and spine are mobilised too.
Freedom – PUREIS3 guarantees that the user is never forced into an uncomfortable posture. This prevents blockages in the blood flow and encourages circulation. At the same time, PUREIS3 does not hinder the user when they have the urge to move.
Comfort PUREIS3 guarantees constant and firm support in all movements. And because the ergonomics of a chair can only work properly if it is correctly adjusted, PUREIS3 does this for you – completely automatically. It is not the chair that promotes health but the movement it provides. PUREIS3 does everything to ensure that the user is relieved of strain and stays active.


Digital coach for active sitting

“Active sitting” means regular, balanced movement; the innovative S 4.0 sensor solution provides the digital stimulus. The application, which was developed in collaboration with Garmin, analyses the user’s individual sitting habits and actively helps them to improve the way they sit. The sensor can be fitted to the PUREIS3 using a small holder, and demonstrates the highly innovative nature of the chair: the Smart Spring and Smart Seat automatically ensure that sitting habits are active and healthy. They are complemented by the application’s prompts to change posture and its instructions for office workouts. For more information on S 4.0, visit INTERSTUHL.COM/S4.0

For anyone looking for flexible solutions

Office spaces are becoming increasingly multifunctional areas. The PUREIS3 is as flexible as everyday working life. It can be effortlessly moved from room to room thanks to its innovative materials, eliminating the need for heavy mechanisms and resulting in a surprisingly light chair. The PUREIS3 goes wherever it is needed, and is ready for anyone to use in an instant. What’s on today’s agenda? A team meeting, followed by meetings with customers, then focussed desk work? PUREIS3 is the right solution in every situation. Its intelligent design makes it a flexible partner in the modern working world, thanks to its ability to adjust to every user. Suitable for employees, customers and visitors, it never ceases to amaze: every PUREIS3 feels right from the outset. The innovative Smart Spring technology adapts to every user, encouraging active sitting and enabling the occupant to use the PUREIS3 intuitively – thus making it their very own PUREIS3.

Modern, Clean-cut, Functional

What makes the PUREIS3 so extraordinary? Its boldness to focus on what’s most important. Its design is defined by one core component: the Smart Spring. It cuts a striking curve from the backrest down to the chair column. The transparent membranes in the backrest showcase the inner workings of the chair. This gives the PUREIS3 an appearance that is defined by lightness and ease. The design of the chair column is just as clean-cut: the Smart Spring and chair column are available in either all-white or all-black. Thanks to the harmony in its colour scheme, the PUREIS3 blends into every space perfectly. A variety of mesh colours and a wide selection of upholstery materials and colours are available for an individual look. PUREIS3 impresses with its functional design. It makes a visual statement: modern, clean-cut, functional.

Intuitive operation

The PUREIS3 completely takes care of optimal seat adjustment all by itself. Its responsive material actively adapts to the user, to their weight, size, proportions and movements. This is made possible by an innovative combination of polyamide and glass fibres. Only the seat height needs adjusting. Additionally, the 3D movement radius can be temporarily restricted for focussed work. PUREIS3 – Ready. Sit. Go!

Smart seat

Sitting on a PUREIS3 is always a tailor-made experience, thanks to intelligent material in the Smart Seat of the PUREIS3, which adapts to each user. The result: a particularly comfortable sitting experience on a seat that follows even the smallest movements while securely accommodating the user.



Andreas Krob and Joachim Brüske, b4k The PUREIS3 concept is based on the requirements of the chair’s user in their daily life at work. But what makes a good office chair nowadays? It should be intuitive to use, adapt to its user and enable active, dynamic (i.e. healthier) sitting. Working on this basis, the Swiss design agency b4K set to work to devise a PUREIS3 that had this function and purpose. Together with engineer Joachim Brüske, b4K founder Andreas Krob collaborated with Interstuhl to develop the brandnew Smart Spring technology of the PUREIS3 with its core component: the curved Smart Spring on the backrest of the chair. Thanks to its innovative materials, the technology enables optimum, tailor- made sitting comfort and active sitting in all directions, meaning a traditional chair mechanism is no longer required. The product designers deliberately opted for a much reduced, clean-cut design for the PUREIS3. This makes the PUREIS3 unmistakeable and aesthetic, but not overbearing, in any space. The single colour of the Smart Spring and chair column highlights the clean-cut design, while the absence of a mechanism makes the chair visually and physically light and flexible.