Tion office chairs by HÅG

Tion office chairs by HÅG

• Brand new HÅG office chair 2022
• Flexible and durable design
• Friendly for the environment: made of 75% recycled and renewable materials
• Fits in every interior! Both in the home office and in the dynamic office Read more...

Tion office chairs by HÅG

HÅG Tion is flexible, durable and designed to fit just about anywhere: both the home office and the dynamic office. Made from 75% recycled and renewable materials, this brand new office chair helps reduce your impact on the environment. The chair is lightweight, yet sturdy, and easily suitable for intensive daily use.

What is the difference between the HÅG Tion models?


HÅG Tion 2100 has plastic seat and back shells, made of 94% recycled plastic. Armrests are available as an option.

HÅG Tion 2140 has an upholstered seat. he seat and back are made of 94% recycled plastic. Technology and mechanics are the same as the HÅG Tion 2100. Since the seat of this chair is upholstered, it will feel more comfortable compared to the HÅG Tion 2100. Armrests are available as an option.

HÅG Tion 2160 has an upholstered seat and back and plastic seat and back shells made from 94% recycled plastic. Technology and mechanics are the same as the previous models. Since both the seat and back of this chair are upholstered, this is the most comfortable version of the HÅG Tion series. Armrests are available as an option.

Giroflex 353 Features

  • Automatic Move mechanism
  • Adjustable seat height as standard, 39-51 cm (other seat heights available upon request)
  • Adjustable seat depth (6 cm)
  • Adjustable backrest height (6 cm)
  • Two-zone seat cushion profile
  • Backrest available in Runner mesh (Giroflex 353-4029) or upholstered (Giroflex 353-4529)
  • Seat shell, back frame, and back cover plate in black plastic 810
  • 50 mm casters for hard or soft floors, black
  • 5-arm plastic base in black 810
  • Optional armrests
  • Optional headrest
  • Optionally depth-adjustable lumbar support (only for Giroflex 353-4529 with upholstered backrest)

10-year HÅG warranty

HÅG provides a 10-year warranty on material defects and manufacturing defects with standard use. Ergonomio has more than 15 years of experience with HÅG office chairs and guarantees service and spare parts after your purchase.
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Brochure & user manuals HÅG Tion

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