Hag Conventio 9512 Fabric Steelcut

5 star plastic foot base, 150 mm lift, Backstems in black or silver, Castors (hard floor or carpet), alu
Conventio9512Steelcut_Hag Conventio 9512 Stof Steelcut
€388,00 excl. VAT
€469,48 incl. VAT
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Fabric Steelcut

Fabric Steelcut

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All about the fabric Steelcut

Steelcut Trio 3 is a strong worsted wool and polyamide woven fabric, made with three different coloured yarns. The colours and the special weave create a three-dimensional surface where the colours seem to change depending on the angle of perspective. (Not available for HÅG Capisco Puls).

  • Composition: 90% worsted new wool, 10% polyamide
  • Abrasion resistance: 100 000 Martindale
  • Flammability: AS/NZS 3837, Klasse 2, BS 5852, ig. s. 2-3, DIN 4102 B2, ÖNORM B1/ Q1, EN1021-1/2, IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1 part 8, NF D 60 013, NFPA 260, UNI 9175 1IM, Calif. Bull. 117-2013
  • Kleurechtheid: 5-7 (EN ISO 1-8)
  • Pilling: 4 (EN ISO 12945-2)
  • Milieu info: EU Ecolabel
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The 4 standard colors:

  • STT 133
  • STT 153
  • STT 253
  • STT 1652
  • STT 883
  • STT 383
  • STT 1192
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Footbase+frame Black
Select your casters
What type of castors do I select?

What type of castors do I select?

Casters for hard floor
Casters for hard floor can be used for parquet, tiles, laminat cork and all other hard floors. The innovative polyurethan coating of the wheels protects your floor and allows a smooth rolling. Visually they can be distinguished by the alternating colour of the caster between the core and the sliding surface (grey).

Casters for soft floors
Casters for soft floor can be used for carpet and all other soft floors. They have a solid black surface.

Can I change my casters afterwards?
Yes, they can be removed easily by pulling them from the footbase. Ergonomio keeps stock of both casters for hard floor and soft floor.

wielen tapijtwielen harde vloer
€388,00 excl. VAT
€469,48 incl. VAT
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Options & Accessories

Further info

Basic model
• BalancedMovementMechanism™ (full freedom of movement forwards and backwards)
• Black or silver coloured backstems, must be specified at time of order for models 9512 and 9522.
The following applies for models 95X0 and 95X1:
• Legs in aluminium, in black or silver. Please specify colour at time of order
• Plastic glides
• Stackable (15 chairs)
• 5 star plastic foot base
• 150 mm lift
• Backstems in black or silver

Technical specifications

Weight (kg) 8,3
Seat Depth (mm) 430
Seat Width (mm) 430
Height of armrests (mm) 230
Height of back pads (mm) 460
Tilt range 12° forwards and 11° backwards
Foot Base Diameter (mm) 635