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Here's how to determine your ideal seat height at a desk: a practical step-by-step plan

A good sitting posture at a desk is crucial to prevent medical complaints such as wrist, neck, and back pain. But how do you find the perfect seat height for your office chair? In this blog post, we share a practical step-by-step guide to assist you.
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Make the most of your workday with a standing desk: 5 tips for increased productivity

The use of a standing desk has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people are looking for ways to improve their health and productivity at work. Alternating between sitting and standing work helps reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting. In this article, we will discuss the impact of alternating work and provide some tips for effectively using a sit-stand desk.
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An ergonomic keyboard for better posture

Working with an ergonomic keyboard improves the comfort and productivity of on-screen employees. In this article, we give our advice on how to use the different types of keyboards.
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How do I choose the right gas lift?

What is the difference between the gas lifts?

The choice of gas lift determines the seat height of your office chair. So the gas lift allows your seat to vary in height.

This is how you make the right choice:

Method 1: Measure the height of the seat of your current office chair.

Place your arms smoothly, at a minimum 90° angle, on your desk or work surface. Shoulders are relaxed, forearms parallel to the floor. Measure the height of the seat of your chair from the floor. Choose the gas lift with the interval in which this seat height fits.
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Method 2: Use the height of your work surface.

Measure the height of your office desk. From this, subtract 20-25 cm (leg room). The result is your approximate seating height. This should be in the interval of the lift you choose.

Attention! The seat height range may vary slightly from the indicated range for each chair and person. So keep in mind to choose the gas lift with which you have the most margin. That way you will always make the right choice.

Nice to know.

If the gas lift is not the right choice, it can be exchanged if it is undamaged.

The warranty of the gas lift is 10 years. Ergonomio always has gas lifts from HÅG and RH in stock for quick service. Gas lifts from Interstuhl and Score are available upon request.
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