ESA Space center uses HAG H09 chairs in the control room during landing Philae on comet.

ESA Space control center uses HAG H09 chairs i
During the landing of the robot Philae on the comet we have noticed that HAG H09 chairs are involved! The ESA control center uses HAG H09 chairs for 24/24u ergonomic seating comfort. The specific models are HAG H09 9330 with high back in leather. Ergonomio wishes the ESA a safe landing!

HÅG H09 Classic is a timeless and robust task chair that can withstand the rigours of three shifts a day. The perfect chair for a difficult landing procedure on a comet!

Always standing as tall and straight as the day it was procured. HÅG H09 Classic has been tested and approved in accordance with British Standard BS 5459-2 for 24-hour use. HÅG H09 Classic 9130 has a high back and an adjustable headrest.

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