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Bakker Elkhuizen Anir muis
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Bakker Elkhuizen Anir mouse

The vertical joystick Anir Mouse encourages a natural vertical hand position with the thumb pointing upwards.


  • Ergonomic: dencourages a natural vertical hand position with the thumb pointing upwards
  • Reduces muscle strain: keeping arms and shoulders in a relaxed position
  • Smart: special button for document scrolling
  • 2 sizes right-handed: large space required and medium-small(large applicable for hand palm width of more than 9 cm). Only right-handed version.
  • Wireless version: available in both Large and Medium/Small
  • Connection: USB and PS2 (Cable length:200 cm)


  • 115 x 115 x 80 mm
  • 160 gr


The handshake position of vertical mice keeps the wrist from bending as much to the side while the forearm also turns inward to a lesser degree (Schmid, et al., 2015). This means that muscle activity in the forearm is less than it would be when using a conventional mouse (Quemelo & Vieira, 2013). Research has shown that the use of a vertical joystick mouse ensures a faster recovery from forearm, wrist and hand complaints (Aarås, et al., 2001).

Health & Safety Regulations

Unnatural postures are a risk factor for development of complaints of wrist and forearm (Karlqvist 1994, Jensen 1998, Hagberg 1994). When the mouse is positioned closer to the body the strain of shoulders and neck decreases (Armstrom 1995, Cook 1998).Productivity is lower when using a trackball and touchpad, standard mice and pen tablets enable a higher productivity.